Is Breast Augmentation Worth It?

Is Breast Augmentation Worth It?

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The fact that breast augmentation has been the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the U.S. since 2006 is significant and telling. This procedure has overall high rates of satisfaction among the women who elect it, but it’s really important to make sure it’s right for you. Just because breast enhancement is very popular does not mean it is right for every woman seeking to enlarge her bustline.

Having practiced plastic surgery for 25 years, Dr. Gregory Brucato believes in matching the patient with the best procedure for their individual goals and body. To find out if breast augmentation will be satisfying to you as an individual, please call our practice to arrange a consultation with Dr. Brucato in Ridgefield: 203-431-7644.

High Rates of Patient Satisfaction

Anecdotal and empirical evidence tells us many women are happy with breast augmentation results. It is possible to experience side effects, complications and dissatisfaction with results, which is the case with any cosmetic procedure; however, most women have no adverse issues with breast implants. Dr. Brucato’s goal is to increase the likelihood of patient satisfaction by carefully vetting the candidacy of each procedure. Call us now to arrange your one-on-one consultation!

Please see our before-and-after gallery of breast augmentation.

Back to the numbers for a moment: Perhaps one of the most informative studies was completed in 2013. It found that 98 percent of women who underwent breast enlargement were satisfied with the procedure. These patients said the procedure either met or exceeded their expectations. The study included 225 women and was published in the medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

These patients also reported improvement to their quality of life following this breast procedure. In fact, 92 percent said their self-esteem improved. Before surgery, 86 percent reported feeling self-conscious about their breasts. After surgery, only 13 percent reported still feeling self-conscious about their breasts.

Long-Term Value and Lasting Results

If you’re asking yourself if breast enhancement is “worth it,” you’re probably thinking about cost, the surgery itself, and how long the results will last. These factors are best weighed with the guidance of our experienced plastic surgeon. Dr. Brucato provides you with clear and straightforward information so you can make a decision. Here are a few things to note:

  • Breasts implants can last for many years, even decades, without needing replacement
  • You will receive a complete cost quote at the time of your consultation
  • Financing options through CareCredit are available

Every woman considering breast augmentation must make this choice herself – will the procedure pay off in terms of improved self-confidence, better quality of life and greater personal satisfaction? Dr. Brucato has seen first-hand how rewarding this procedure can be, but he wants to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Learn More About Benefits Specific to You and Your Life

At Brucato Plastic Surgery Center in Ridgefield, Connecticut, your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Brucato takes place at our comfortable and state-of-the-art cosmetic practice. Women visit us from across the surrounding region, including Danbury and Wilton. Dr. Brucato will first want to listen to and understand your goals and the changes you’d like to make, then he can recommend breast augmentation or another procedure that is a good match for you. To arrange your consultation, please call us at 203-431-7644.

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