Dr. Brucato offers a variety of reconstructive surgery procedures to help men and women restore their bodies and achieve natural-looking outcomes.

If you’re in need of reconstructive plastic surgery after cancer or trauma, Dr. Gregory Brucato can help. He performs many kinds of reconstructive surgery, including breast reconstruction, head and neck reconstruction, and general reconstruction. He performs wound treatment, skin grafts, tissue expansion, flap micro surgery, hand surgery, and laser surgery.

If you are looking for a reconstructive surgeon, please call Dr. Brucato today at 203-431-7644 to schedule your complimentary consultation. We serve patients from throughout Connecticut, including Ridgefield, Wilton, Danbury, and other nearby areas. 

General Reconstruction

If you have been disfigured in some way, whether from trauma, cancer, or a congenital birth defect, you may benefit from reconstructive surgery. Types of general reconstruction Dr. Brucato performs include:

  • Skin grafts: Often used for severe burns, skin grafts involve taking healthy skin from another area of the body and transplanting it to the wound site.
  • Tissue expansion: This technique can be used to gently stretch and grow existing skin, and is often used for reconstructive breast surgery. Tissue expansion is a slow process, but it has the benefit of looking very natural with minimal scarring.
  • Micro surgery: Micro surgery, as the name implies, involves using a microscope to perform extremely delicate and precise surgery.
  • Free flap micro surgery: A free flap procedure allows reconstruction after surgery to remove cancer of the breast, head, or neck. Dr. Brucato uses micro surgery in conjunction with this procedure for the best possible results.
  • Hand surgery: If you have trouble using the full strength of your hands, it can cause problems in everyday life. Hand surgery may be able to help restore function to your hands.
  • Laser surgery: Laser surgery utilizes laser technology instead of a regular scalpel when performing surgery. The benefits of laser surgery include enhanced precision, faster recovery, and more favorable scarring.

Skin Cancer Removal and Reconstruction

Dr. Brucato pioneered the sentinel node biopsy program for Danbury hospital. Sentinel node biopsies help to determine whether cancer has spread to the lymphatic system, and are a valuable diagnostic tool.

If you have melanoma or another type of skin cancer, it will need to be removed. Often, removal of skin cancer is extensive in order to make sure all of the cancerous cells are removed and can leave patients disfigured. Dr. Brucato can both remove your skin cancer and perform reconstructive surgery if you so desire.

Head-Neck Cancer Reconstruction

When cancer occurs in the head and neck, it can be especially traumatizing to see the results after the cancer is removed. The head and neck are the most visible parts of the body, and having large tumors removed can cause issues with self-image and self-consciousness.

Dr. Brucato takes the utmost care with his reconstructive procedures, aiming to leave you looking as normal as possible. He will walk you through what is required and what the likely outcome will be, so that you go into surgery fully informed.

Breast Reconstruction

If you had to undergo a mastectomy or lumpectomy as part of your breast cancer treatment, you may want to look into breast reconstruction as an option. Dr. Brucato offers breast reconstruction using your own tissue or using breast implants, and he will work closely with both you and your primary oncologist in order to determine the best type of reconstruction for your unique case.

Cost of Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive surgery is very often covered by insurance. Check with your insurance provider to see if your plan fully or partially covers your reconstructive surgery. We’d also be happy to contact your insurance for you.

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Dr. Gregory Brucato is board certified surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. To learn more, read his full bio.

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