Breast Lift Recovery

Breast Lift Recovery

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Women in their 30s and beyond are the most frequent breast lift patients. In your 30s, 40s, 50s and later in life, you likely have a lot of commitments. That could include children and other family duties. Work, volunteering, running a household, traveling, etc. We understand that fitting in a breast lift procedure may feel like a big commitment to add to your schedule. We are here to help you plan the process and find the time to get this breast procedure you desire.

The recovery phase is what many women are curious about when considering a breast lift. How long before you can lift your child? How long before you can resume all of your career duties? For how long will you need help with childcare, shopping, meal prep, chores, etc.? These are great questions and we’ll make sure you know the answers for your particular schedule and responsibilities. Here are a few general requirements:

  • The first 24 to 48 hours – make sure a spouse or another adult stays with you in case you need anything. You’ll have previously arranged to have someone help with the kids. Take this time to rest. You should take at least a few days to a week off from work.
  • First week – return to regular walking for exercise. If your job duties are not physically demanding, return to work at this time. Avoid any lifting. Make sure you have help with your kids and meal preparation for this entire week.
  • Three to four weeks – resume your normal exercise routine, but skip any workouts that strain the chest muscles or require you to twist your chest.
  • Six weeks – Your recovery should be completed. You’ll be back to all of your normal activities. 

Part of what we do at our practice is help you plan for all phases of a breast lift, including the recovery and how it will temporarily impact your life.

Learn More About the Breast Lift Process

As a busy modern adult, you want to make sure you have the time and space to commit to a procedure like a breast lift. We get that. If you are interested in mastopexy to rejuvenate your breasts, we recommend discussing the surgical timeline and your candidacy with Dr. Brucato. To schedule a consultation at our Ridgefield, CT, practice, please call our team at 203-431-7644.

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