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Read real reviews from patients of Dr. Brucato.

“Dr. Brucato is one of the most talented, kind & caring surgeons I’ve ever met.” – Kerry M.

“I had a basal cell carcinoma removed from my forehead by Dr. Brucato today. Dr. Brucato is extremely kind and gentle while being very professional and highly skilled. I would highly recommend Dr. Brucato” – Susan M.

“Awesome surgeon, extremely professional and caring.” – Audrey G.

“Goes out of his way to make you comfortable, explains everything going on and wants the best outcome for all his patients.” – Anonymous

“Excellent surgeon. Made me feel very comfortable. Caring.” – Anonymous

“Last month my 8 year old son fell and split his lip down to the bone. Dr. Brucato was on call, and I am so grateful that he was. He was kind, reassuring and so skilled that, one month later, the lip already looks almost perfect again. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.” – Jen

“An amazing doctor and staff.” – Suzie

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